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ClearPass Security Solution Complement or Full suite?



I am new in the HPE solutions. I want know if clearpass + aruba switches/AP are a complement to NGFW or I can replace my firewall with the Aruba solutions.


For example I work in the network switches and security in my company. So I work with Sonicwall. However My company is a HPE partner now and we want to sell Security Solutions. So clear pass looks really good. But must of the things it does. Like user user authentication , Fiirewall policies, App visualization etc I can do it with the firewall. So my questionis if my clients already have a network wifi with policies,authentication methods, Users reports(navegation,bandwith use) Why I must add Clearpass to their network or when I can recommend  Clearpass? Also I know Aruba AP have Integrated firewall. But HPE has a NGFW solution?

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Re: ClearPass Security Solution Complement or Full suite?

ClearPass is a multi-vendor central policy engine that supports Aruba networking gear as well as nearly every other vendor that supports standards-based protocols like RADIUS and RESTful APIs.


It's best to set up a meeting with your Aruba channel team to get started.

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