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ClearPass rules combined or split?

I was at recent event and a discussion came up about clearpass deployments.


Some say for better proformance you should combine your clearpass service rules e.g. mac auth/social into one rule, others say you should split them out as it makes it easier to troubleshoot.


What is the community view?


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Re: ClearPass rules combined or split?

My personal preference is to combine as much as possible in one service. But I make a distinction between wired, wireless and management services. 


And I use "dividers" to order the services in a more readable way.


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Re: ClearPass rules combined or split?

There's not a one size fits all answer. Literally every ClearPass deployment is different in some way.

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security TME
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Re: ClearPass rules combined or split?

Tim, this is true no clearpass is same, i have deployed multiple CPPMs of varing sizes and none are them same.


It does bring up the point, however there is no clear, best practice guide on deployments.

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