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Clearpass - Cluster-Wide Parameters - Cleanup Interval

Hi there,


I'm trying to understand the configuration we need to apply from the 'Custer-Wide parameters' section of Clearpass to keep our Endpoint database in check so we automatically purge nodes on a regular basis.


We currently offer BYOD Wireless connectivity for all internal employees, limiting their allowed devices to a maximum of 2. As time has progressed and people's Wireless devices are naturally upgraded/replaced we've found that users are unable to connect to the SSID due to their device limit being reached. Obviously I can manually delete entries, but this is quite a cumbersome process, going forward I believe I can modify the parameters in the Cleanup Intervals tab to remove devices that have previously connected, but have shown no activity in the last 60 days, but I'm just seeking a little clarification on the configuration that is available:


Maximum inactive time for an endpoint - Currently set to 0 days - Enable and set to 60 days - Do I need to enable any other options in line with this? Also, if I set this value, I'm assuming it works from the 'Updated At' date of the endpoint?


Known endpoints cleanup interval - Currently set to 0 days - Do I need to set this to a value or if I do, will it remove accounts irrespective of their activity timelines, so has the potential to remove devices that are still being used?


Profiled Known endpoints cleanup option - Currently Disabled - Set to Enable - Do I need to enable this to work with the inactive time interval specified above?





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Re: Clearpass - Cluster-Wide Parameters - Cleanup Interval

Once their certificates expire, they will no longer be valid. You can also change the retention values for the CA.

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Re: Clearpass - Cluster-Wide Parameters - Cleanup Interval

This is just for the endpoint entry - So mac and associated attibutes. There is no certificate information included as far as I'm aware.

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Re: Clearpass - Cluster-Wide Parameters - Cleanup Interval

I am also curious about these settings. If I just have the "Maximum inactive time for an endpoint" set to 30 days, devices that haven't been on the network for over 2 years are still in the endpoints repository. If I set a number (7) for the "Known endpoints cleanup interval", it wipes out all devices, not just those that have been inactive for 30 days. That's a problem for us since we have a lot of endpoints added with specific attributes that are not replaced when they reconnect to the network on their own.

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