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Clearpass Insight not reachable

Hi community,


yesterday I successfully updated two 25k HW appliances from 6.6.9 to 6.7.1 without any issues.

But today my customer and I were testing several features and facing that Insight isn't reachablke anymore. We are getting the follwing failure:


502 Proxy Error

The Proxy server could not handle the request GET /insight/login


Reason: Error reading from remote server


Is there someone facing the same problem after upgrading to 6.7.x?

Do someone now how the Insight Service is handled internally? How can I restart the insight service?

Reconfigure the Insight settings in the server configuration doesn't have any impact, or solve the problem.


thanks in advance.

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Re: Clearpass Insight not reachable

Please check your DNS configuration..  Are you using external name servers or ones that cannot resolve your CPPM hostname?.   CPPM needs to be able to resolve itself for this to work.

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Re: Clearpass Insight not reachable

I just check the DNS config and if the system is able to resolve it's hostname.

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Re: Clearpass Insight not reachable

There is a know bug. bug (43676) I would check with TAC and see if you are running into it.

Quick fix for one customer.

Customer changed primary DNS from Google public to internal as recommended workaround and issue is resolved. Customer confirmed they are able to access Insight successfully.
Thank You,

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Re: Clearpass Insight not reachable

Did you find a solution?

DNS is definitely not the problem!




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Re: Clearpass Insight not reachable

Same here 6.7.3.

Fresh install.

Dns is not the issue

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Re: Clearpass Insight not reachable

I've also ran into this. My DNS seems to be ok.

Is there any solution for this?

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Re: Clearpass Insight not reachable

I saw someplace else that updating to 6.7.5 solves the issue. I tried and indeed it was solved.

Re: Clearpass Insight not reachable

6.7.4 is the recommended upgrade to fix this bug. 6.7.5 is available though, and obviously upgrading to it would also fix the bug.

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