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Clearpass and Meru/Fortinet WLC - Redirect Issue

Hi all


I have configured a Meru 3200 WLC as per the Clearpass-Meru PDF document that was written by Danny Jump. After completing the config, I can connect to the Meru splash page and can see that my browser is attempting to connect me to clearpass however I then get a redirect loop where the browser tries to take me back the meru, which then redirects me back to clearpass ad infinitum. 


I've seen this sort of thing happen many times on Aruba and it is because the firewall rules are broken. I've tried a few changes on the firewall rules on the meru but all that seems to have done is break the captive portal completely.


Anyone have any ideas? The Meru is running v8.4-1build-1 which is slightly different to the version in Danny's document which could be the issue.


Re: Clearpass and Meru/Fortinet WLC - Redirect Issue

Not familiar with Meru but redirect loops usualy indicate that you did not except (whitelist) http/https traffic to clearpass from the rules redirecting traffic to the portal.

Koen (ACMX #351 | ACDX #547 | ACCP)

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