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Clearpass as TACACS+ and Radius server



I currently building new clearpass server and planning to use the TACACS+ and Radius services of Clearpass server. We already have existing Cisco ACS server which we would like to replace with Clearpass server. There are 2 roles currently played by existing Cisco ACS server.


1. TACACS+ - This is used to autenticate and autehorize the network device access. i.e. Access to switches, routers, riverbeds, wireless aps etc.

2. Radius - This is used to Authenticate my user to connect to my Corporate Wi-FI access. It is integrated with AD. Users will provide the AD credential to connect to my Corporate SSID via Wi-Fi


I was trying to configure the same in clearpass but getting confused with configuration and varous option available. Is there any documentation which I can refer to configure TACACS and RADIUS services on clearpass. First I just have started wtih Basic Authentication and Authorization and not looking to assigned any roles etc. based on credential provided.


Please let me know if you requrie any other information.


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Re: Clearpass as TACACS+ and Radius server

Please use the ASE solution site:

Or the > documentation > ClearPass > tech notes
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