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Clearpass upgrade new disk space recommendation

Hi all,


recently I performed an update from CPPM 6.4 to the latest 6.5 code. After all steps we ran into a new disk space recommandation. It is a VA5K and was initially installed with only 500GB disk space on second disk. 

Today the minimum disk space is 1000GB. What is the recommended way to meet the new requirements?
Is there a way to just resize the "old" disk. I have in mind that this isn't possible because the disk is parted into two encrypted partitions?!


thanks in advance!


Re: Clearpass upgrade new disk space recommendation

I believe you need to backup your config and certificates. Create a new VM with the necessary disk space and restore the config and certificates. Then speak to TAC about transferring your licenses to the new CPPM instance.


Wish it was as simple as just adding additional disk space.


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Re: Clearpass upgrade new disk space recommendation



thanks for your answer! I will try it! :)


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