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Clearpass web GUI not showing.

I am setting up 2 clearpass hardware 1 as publisher and 1 as subscriber. I have been following this guide and I am now in page 23. The problem is, I cannot open the the web UI even after things have been setup.


I did add licenses and  the clustering using the CLI but still the Web UI wont open. I check the time of both server and they seem to have sync with the NTP. Firewalls should all be ok as far as I know.

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Re: Clearpass web GUI not showing.

It would be hard to guess what is wrong from here. Hopefully you opened a case so they can troubleshoot.
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Re: Clearpass web GUI not showing.

Try to telnet to the server over port 80 and 443 to see if it's listening on the ports. Do a "service status all" in cli and confirm the admin-whateveritscalled process is running. Try restating that. Check firewalls in between. Open a case.
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Re: Clearpass web GUI not showing.

Hi Ryan,


I checked the ports and 80 and 443 seem to be open.


Here's the ouput of the command.


[]# service status all

Policy server [ cpass-policy-server ] is running
TACACS server [ cpass-tacacs-server ] is running
Radius server [ cpass-radius-server ] is running
Async DB write service [ cpass-dbwrite-server ] is running
DB replication service [ cpass-repl-server ] is running
DB change notification server [ cpass-dbcn-server ] is running
System monitor service [ cpass-sysmon-server ] is running
System auxiliary service [ cpass-system-auxiliary-server ] is running
Admin server [ cpass-admin-server ] is running
Async netd service [ cpass-async-netd ] is running
Multi-master cache [ cpass-multi-master-cache-server ] is running
AirGroup notification service [ airgroup-notify ] is running
Micros Fidelio FIAS [ fias_server ] is running
ClearPass Virtual IP service [ cpass-vip-service ] is stopped


Re: Clearpass web GUI not showing.

Are you able to SSH into the Box ?

Have you tried restarting the Box ?
Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: Clearpass web GUI not showing.

Yes, I can SSH on the box. Port 22, 80 and 443 are open. I have also restarted them several times.


We have 2 of these CP-HW-25K sitting in the corner for 2 years and only now that we installed these. So there's really no configuration on them . They still have this old version.

[]# show version

Policy Manager software version :
Policy Manager model number     : CP-HW-25K

I was a able to configure one as publisher and one as subscriber using CLI since I can't go to GUI.

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Re: Clearpass web GUI not showing.

The problem was me all this time.


I was entering the wrong IP on my webrowser.


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