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Client Mac vendor graph

Hello Arubians,


I am part of a team that is setting up a new hospital we are in the last weeks before opening and there are alot of 3 party's comming in and installing there equipment.


All these 3de party company's are authenticated based on MAC adres and placed in there own vlan and what not.


My question is : Can I get the clearpass to show me a graph of "Connection:Client-Mac-Vendor" that are still being deny'd acces to the network?


Like in the last 7 days there where X failed request for mac vendor A , X for B , X for C 

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Re: Client Mac vendor graph

We have Authentiction report in CPPM insight which proivde top 10 users/MAC devices failed authentications.


Go to insight>reports>configuration tab>add new report and select authentication option from drop down list and select the radio button from the list of available options.


sample Auth Fail report screen shot.


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Re: Client Mac vendor graph

Or setup a custom report in insights to get the info you specifically need.  Its pretty easy to figure out how to setup a report.

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