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Create SMS Gateway




We're using ArubAa clearpass Guest to send SMS by self registration. I'm trying to integrate SMS gateway service when accessing a guest-SSID when connecting to wireless network.


1. we are about to create SMS Gateway and saw a dropdown list to choose a type of gateway. Which one should I use?


2. We are using Protech Communication VOIP GSM Gateway MV-370 device to act as a SMS gateway using Omantel SIM.


If any one added SMS/VOIP Gateway device kindly guide me.



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Re: Create SMS Gateway



The simple way would be using 'SMS over SMTP' option. You could give SMTP server info under 'Messaging setup' in policy manager.


You can add a carrier when creating SMS gateway in the format 'NUMBER@<ip-address-of-SMS-gateway'.


"SMS services' in clearpass guest deployment guide explains this a lot better.




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