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Debugging VIA and IKEv2 + Certs


I've been looking at configuring VIA + mobility controller as a possible replacement for our Juniper VPN service.


OS X VIA client ( was 2.x) latest 3x one downloaded today

Local CA with client cert generated

l2tp/ipsec with IKEv2 and cert authentication



The annoying thing is that I had this working with the osx 2.x client but not on the Android client. ..... so I made a few changes and now none of it works :-((


The version 3 client says that the remote server is  not responding. I'm getting somewhere along the route because my OCSP server can has seen a validation query coming in and its sending a valid response back.


I'm not seeing a user auth on clearpass so I guess its something wrong with the ipsec config.Downloading a new profile from the mobility controller works just fine though.


I've attached the logs from the os x VIA client.


How might I get some logs at the controller end to see what's going on?




Attached are the logs



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Re: Debugging VIA and IKEv2 + Certs

I would look at your audit trail using "show audit-trail" on the controller to see if you can revert your changes.

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Re: Debugging VIA and IKEv2 + Certs

Well getting somewhere. Now I get a message saying "Incorrect certificate, please provide correct certificate"

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