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Dell OEM'd ClearPass - how to migrate to straight-up Aruba ClearPass?

Hi All,


We have a client that currently has a single Dell OEM'd ClearPass running in VMWare.


They would like to add HA, and as they have been migrating their APs and support directly to Aruba rather than Dell - they'd like to do the same with ClearPass.


An Aruba SE mentioned that we can purchase ClearPass support directly from Aruba for the Dell OEM'd ClearPass server, then backup, install Aruba ClearPass, restore, apply licensing and gain support.


Another Aruba SE felt that there would be licensing issues with this approach, and potentially backup/restore isses as well (due to Dell customising the platform)...and that it would not work.


Anyone have any experience with this?  Any help appreciated...Cheers


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