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Field drop down list automation

Is there a way in guest, to create a field (in a form and view) with a drop down list that is generated based on an value.  I have the field setup so that it has a drop down list that is populated as follows:


0 | No Vlan
1 | Vlan (1)
2 | Vlan (2)


But what I want to do is be able to generate a different drop down list based on the users AD group.  So that users in group "a" get vlans 1,2,3 and users in group "a" get vlans 4,5,6.


So I need the drop down list to key off another variable.  Currently I am doing it wioth operator profiles so I assign a profile based on AD group and then each profile has it's own drop down list.   But it is a lot of profiles and the only difference is the drop down list.



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Re: Field drop down list automation

There is not a way to do that, unfortunately.

Colin Joseph
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