Finding global Field/Elements used in the Web Login page; Unmasking Web Login -> Login Form Password

Trying to find this Field/Element in the Guest Fields.

I need to make a duplicate and change the label.

One Web Login page to reference one element with the stock 'Username:' label, and the other to reference the duplicate with a different string for the label.


I found this, 'guest/guest_custom_field.php?id=username'.. looks like the right Field/Element, but when I edit the label and refresh my Web Login's.. the label in the HTML doesn't change....



<!-- end no_p UI element -->
  <!-- begin user UI element (type: text; hidden: ;) -->
  <tr id="TR_form77aaa135_weblogin_user" style="display:none;">
    <th class="nwaLeft">
      <label for="ID_form77aaa135_weblogin_user">Username:</label>    </th>
    <td class="nwaBody"><a name="A_user"></a>
      <input type="email" style="width: 200px;" name="user" id="ID_form77aaa135_weblogin_user" value="" autocapitalize="off" autocorrect="off">
  <!-- end user UI element -->

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Re: Trying to find Field in Guest Fields

Which form are you editing?  Can we have a screenshot of what you duplicated and what you are changing?

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: Trying to find Field in Guest Fields

Standard Guest Web Login Form.




Then the Login Form after 'Edit'.




I want the labels to be 'a' and 'b' instead of 'Username' and 'Password'.


But.. not only that.. .. (because that can be done with 'Custom Labels' easily enough).


The caveat is I want want the 'b' / 'Password' field to not be masked out like a standard password field.


I want both fields to be unmasked.


I can create my own custom field to use ? Essentially use 2 x 'Username' 'like' fields.  So the alphanumeric entered is visible for both.. And both of these Fields have labels that I define the string for.


And I need both fields content to hit an external SQL Auth request.

Where a SQL filter/query will return value 'a' and 'b' .. But it's not seen as a 'username' and 'password'.. per se.. Simply to values in a SQL table.

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Re: Trying to find Field in Guest Fields

You can tweak the existing field properties under Forms & Views > (Guest Reg Name) > Edit Fields


You can change the labels or hte existing fields and change the field type of the password field.

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security TME
@timcappalli | | ACMX #367 / ACCX #480

Re: Trying to find Field in Guest Fields

Hang on.. Ok, guest/guest_custom_forms.php, and then which form ?

Guest what ?

The 'guest_register_*' forms are all 'self-registration' based forms and not what i'm after.

I just want to tweak the 'Login Form' on a 'Web Login' webpage, where in the 'Login Form' the 'Authentication:' option is set to 'Credentials: Require a username and a password'. 


Re: Trying to find Field in Guest Fields

Bumping this.. to get this sorted.. Almost there :)  :)

Re: Trying to find Field in Guest Fields

FYI for anyone else.

Go into your 'Web Login' page.

Under 'Login Form' section.

Click checkbox to use 'Custom Labels'

The page breaks down immediately to show additional options.  Add your custom labels on 'Username' and 'Password'.

Then, to make the password field plain-text type.


Go to sub-section 'Login Page' further down in the config of 'Web Login', and add this to 'Footer HTML'



{nwa_script src=jquery.min}
$(document).ready(function () {
  $('input[name=password]').prop("type", "text");


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