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How to request product enhancements


What's the formal procedure for requesting product enhancements? I've got a number of issues With AirWave and CPPM that I need resolved


1). Airwave -  Supports ProCurve switch range but not Comware[57] switches ( H3C)

2). Airwave - Would be nice if we could upload 3rd party MIB files


3). CPPM - I've created an authentication source that queries an MSSQL database for VLAN information.It appears CPPM doesn't do database connection pooling so sequence is


connect to database

perform query

disconnect from database


While you can increase the number of  db threads, that's not the same. Given the fact that we (might) eventually support our entire university wired network with CPPM perhaps connection pooling might be a good idea.





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Re: How to request product enhancements

You can request and vote on feature enhancements using the Ideas Portal here:


Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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