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Import bulk list of NAD

Is there a template to import a bulk list of Network Access Device? We have  more or less one thousands NAD to be import at CPPM. 


Thank you

Re: Import bulk list of NAD

There is this page for partners


Or you can just add two devices to the NAD list and export and that will show you the format.


 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

<TipsContents xmlns="">
<TipsHeader exportTime="Sun Oct 06 23:12:32 CDT 2013" version="6.2"/>
<NadClient description="" name="Aruba 2500" coaPort="3799" coaCapable="true" vendorName="Aruba" tacacsSecret="" radiusSecret="eTIPS123" ipAddress="10.80.2.xx"/>
<NadClient description="" name="Cisco WLC" coaPort="3799" coaCapable="true" vendorName="Cisco" tacacsSecret="" radiusSecret="eTIPS123" ipAddress="10.80.2.xx"/>
<NadClient description="" name="Palo Alto" coaPort="3799" coaCapable="true" vendorName="PaloAlto" tacacsSecret="" radiusSecret="eTIPS123" ipAddress="10.80.2.xx">
<SnmpConfig readArpInfo="true" forceRead="true" defaultVlan="0">
<SnmpRead communityString="eTIPS123" snmpVersion="V2C"/>


You can also add a group of NAD devices by subnet instead of doing them one at a time.


 screenshot_01 Oct. 06 23.08.gif

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Re: Import bulk list of NAD

Thanks for immediate response!. I can login to the page and download the Template.xlsx but when I download the nas.csv it requires me to login again and the Login error shows "There is no user by the name".



Can I used this format in the exel for bulk import? then used the link to convert to csv to xml. 

NadClient description | coaPort  |coaCapable | vendorName | tacacsSecret | radiusSecret | ipAddress




Re: Import bulk list of NAD

On the bottom of the page the link sends you to should have the format.


The CSV files must have the values in a particular order to be processed correctly. The Excel templates below can be used to help format your data correctly. The file formats are:

Local Users: userid,user_name,enabled{true|false},password,[role_name],phone,email,sponsor,title,department,designation
Endpoints: mac_addr,status{Known|Unknown},description,device_type,device_vendor,os_version,os_type,location
NADs: ip_addr,name,description,coa_port,coa_capable{true,false},vendor_name,tacacs_secret,radius_secret
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Re: Import bulk list of NAD

I've tried the NAD import format and I get the following error message: First line must be a header with 5 tokens.  Any idea on what he issue may be?

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