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Magic Packets/WOL



Anyone got any experience with WOL/Magic Packets on a clearpass managed network.


We find it useful to wake up the computers for updates etc.


Anyone got it to work well with clearpass or any alternate ideas?

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Re: Magic Packets/WOL

I think the solution is that it will not work on a CPPM management network.

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Re: Magic Packets/WOL

As long the port is open and you can send WOL-packets I don't really see the issue. How do you define a CPPM management network? Do you mean 802.1X?

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Re: Magic Packets/WOL



If you are using a HPE Aruba switch you can use a feature called mac-pin and controlled-direction in so that even if the ports de-auths (PC in standby might) traffic from the server sending the WoL packet will be received by the PC and WoL should work.


Contact me if you need more info.


Cheers, Frank
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Re: Magic Packets/WOL

Sounds right!


The aruba guys were onsite yesterday and passed on the mac-pin technote.


I was using it for legacy purposes, but didn't think about using it for another purpose.


The downer is that only a few of our switches support 16.05 firmware, the majority are not supported anymore.



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