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Mobile Device timeouts

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Im wondering if there are any additional settings that I have missed?

We run 2 6000 controllers with firmware with our guest access handled via the Aruba Captive portal

Most of our clients for this issue are using IPad's, and they are complaining that they are continually having to login. Some of the issue is down to aggressive power management on the Ipad, but Im wondering if there are any settings that I can change to help make this less of an issue - We tried changing the station Ageout Interval to 2hrs  in the advanced section of the SSID profile but this doesn't seem to have helped much - are there any other settings that I can apply?


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Re: Mobile Device timeouts

Try the setting User Idle Timeout under Authentication. Its default to 5 minutes after which a lacking heartbeat from the device will cause it to have to reauthenticate.

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