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Multiple radius certificates

Today we'are authenticating clients with EAP/TLS. The RADIUS certificate is SHA1. This certificate will expire soon. Since SHA1 is not recommended anymore we're going to enroll SHA256 from a new internal CA (not the same CA that SHA1 is generated from).

To make this as smooth as possible, it would be nice if we in addition could install the SHA256 RADIUS certificate on the ClearPass. After all clients using the new certificate the SHA1 can be deleted. 

Is this possible ?
If not, is there another smooth solution ?

ClearPass version
There are currently two servers in a cluster.
All clients are running Win 7 or Win 10.
Using GPO to enroll clients certificate and wireless setup.



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Re: Multiple radius certificates

I would create the radius server certificates now.  Use a GPO to add the radius server certificates and/or their certificate authorities to the client's trust store ASAP.  When you install and switch to the new radius server certificate, your clients will be ready (some will prompt that there is a different radius server certificate, however).

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: Multiple radius certificates

Thanks for your replay.

We added the new CA and Issuing certificates on the CP. Then we installed the SHA256 client certificate on a test PC, and it works. Client was authenticated and connected to the network.


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