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Onboard Duplicate Certificates

why is there duplicate certificate pushed down to client via quickconnect? refer to the attached screenshot. i confirmed that i didn't push down twice. I deleted all the certs and push down again but still see duplicate. is there normal behavior? if not what could have solved this issue? thanks

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Re: Onboard Duplicate Certificates

We would need much more specific information about your configuration to understand what is happening here.  Do you have two different certificates you have trusted that have the same name, but different serial numbers?  Look at the serial numbers of the pushed certificates to see if they are different.  Opening a TAC case would give you exact information.

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Re: Onboard Duplicate Certificates

Is Onboard configured to automatically configure certificate trust or manually?

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Re: Onboard Duplicate Certificates

i left it as default and it should be automatically configure certificate trust.


i actually restore my publisher but because my subscriber failed to join back for some reason, i did a cluster reset-database on the publisher, i then reconfigure everything, included onboard. then this happens. i will check if the trusted list has any duplicate entries. 

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Re: Onboard Duplicate Certificates

i have checked.. indeed there are trusted cert that have same name but different serial number.. this explain why I have 4 trusted list in my client, but how about my clearpass? why am I seeing 2 clearpass cert?

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