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Problem with setting up guest access with mac caching


I've just run the clearpass 6.4 config to set up guest access with mac caching. Everything looks o.k. and I can connect from my guest portal ssid to my login prompt page, perform a sponsored request  to have an account allocated, grant access to my userid and try logging in with my guest credentials.


Unfortunately at this point the authentication fails. Looking at Monitoring/Access Tracker/Request details for my attempted authentication, I can see the following alerts ... which result in a default access deny profile. The connection attempt has been made from a device wih no entry in the endpoints database.


Any help appreciated.






Failed to construct filter=SELECT FLOOR(EXTRACT(EPOCH FROM (NOW() - timestamp)))::integer AS seconds_since_auth, FLOOR((EXTRACT(EPOCH FROM (NOW() - timestamp)))/60)::integer AS minutes_since_auth, FLOOR((EXTRACT(EPOCH FROM (NOW() - timestamp)))/3600)::integer AS hours_since_auth, FLOOR((EXTRACT(EPOCH FROM (NOW() - timestamp)))/86400)::integer AS days_since_auth FROM auth WHERE auth.timestamp < NOW() AND auth.error_code = 0 AND auth.username = '%{Endpoint:Username}' AND auth.mac = '%{Connection:Client-Mac-Address-NoDelim}' ORDER BY timestamp DESC LIMIT 1.
Failed to get value for attributes=[Days-Since-Auth].
Failed to construct filter=SELECT user_id as guest_device_user FROM tips_guest_users WHERE ((guest_type = 'USER') AND (user_id = '%{Endpoint:Username}') AND (app_name != 'Onboard') AND (enabled = 't') AND ((expire_time is null) OR (expire_time > CURRENT_TIMESTAMP))).
Failed to get value for attributes=[UserName]

Re: Problem with setting up guest access with mac caching

Is insight enabled under Administration » Server Manager » Server Configuration--- click on the server and checkmark enable insight

Thank You,

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Re: Problem with setting up guest access with mac caching

Yup, this is my devel server and its set up as an insight master

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Re: Problem with setting up guest access with mac caching

Have you solved this issue?

Regards Andrea

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