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RADIUS health checking on Controllers


I've configured one of our test controllers to load balance eap based auths across multiple clearpass servers and amnow thinking of rolling this out to production.

However, we recently had an issue where clearpass ->AD conectivity was broken so although clearpass happily processed pap,mschap based auths,eap based ones failed.


Whjat sort of health checking does a controler do to ascertain whether a RADIYS server is up and running? Is it possible to set up a health check that requires successful completion of an eap based authentication pripr to the controller passing real auths to a particular server.



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Re: RADIUS health checking on Controllers

At this time, the controller only checks for a valid response from the radius server, and not for types of responses, to determine what server is used.  If you think this would be helpful, please request the idea here:

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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