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SSID ip issue

one SSID is giving IP address to Laptop but Users  Mobile  other Devices are not getting Ip address

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Re: SSID ip issue

Need some more information.


- What type of authentication/encryption is the SSID using?

- Are you using an upstream DHCP server?

- Can you turn on user-debugging for one of the mobile devices?  (logging level debugging user-debug <mac>)

- What user role are you assigning to the users?

- show rights <user-role>

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
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Re: SSID ip issue

i am using pre shaerd key(WPA- 2) for authentication .

user will be getting ip address from the DHCP.
how i can turn on user-debugging for this?
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Re: SSID ip issue

config t

logging level debugging network proc dhcp



After the client associates, do "show log network 50"


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