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Self registration with Social Login in single page is possible %3F

Is it possible to have Self registration with Social Login in single page ?. I can see social login option in self-registration page in receipt page only so that users can see the social login option after they register sample regpage.JPG

 I am  looking for a option that Guest users should be able chose the option of self-register or social login to get connected . This can be achieved by creating a weblogin page with social login enabled and link to bottom of self-registration page but in this case Guest has to click another link to open social login page which is not seems like comfortable .

 A sample page is pasted ;  the way I am interested .


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Re: Self registration with Social Login in single page is possible %3F

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Did you try to enable the Social Login section of the configuration?      Make sure you put the following in the header or footer of the Registration page, not Logon or Receipt.




Choose your self-registration page and choose Advanced Editor.   Scroll all the way to the bottom:






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