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Trim spaces on username on Clearpass



 We are trying to make an authorization request against AD where our username has a space before the username,in the AD the username doesn't have this space, and we see no way to remove this space. We tried strip username rules, but the only match is - and we cannot ad the space that shows on the request.


Authentication:Full-Username         REY REY VICTOR  MANUEL - 36668889R


So with a trim rule of -:username we got " 36668889R" and we need this to be "36668889R" (quotes only for clarification), any advice?



Re: Trim spaces on username on Clearpass

I would look at this from a different angle and look at why the client devices are sending all the name information if it is not needed. Can you not re-configure the devices to send alternative username values?

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Re: Trim spaces on username on Clearpass



  Te problem it's that we are not the issuer of the certificate, nor the AD managers so we cant alter this information. The solution maybe it's the possibility to add an enhacemnt request allowing the use of regular expressions  on the user strip field

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