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Unique pre-shared key for each device



I stumbled upon a document from Aerohive where they advertise something called "Private Pre-Shared Keys".


Basically, you can have a pre-shared key per device to circumvent the problem of a compromised PSK in an enterprise environment.


I don't know how well the AeroHive solution works but something like that would be ideal for our network here as well.


We are using 7210 controllers running ArubaOS and 135 series access points.


Does anyone know if this can be implemented on ArubaOS?




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Re: Unique pre-shared key for each device

No, Aruba does not support Per-User PSK (aka Dynamic PSK, Private PSK).  So far as I know only Aerohive and Ruckus have this capability.  



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Re: Unique pre-shared key for each device

We have a similar requirement - especially for IoS devices and student games consoles. We don't want them all sharing the same PSK if we can help it and these things don't support 802.1X.


The only way I have thought to do it in Clearpass (we are a Cisco wireless, Aruba RADIUS house) is to use MAC Auth on the SSID and get users to register somehow.  Not ideal, but something that is theoretically possible.


It would be great if Clearpass could generate a per user PSK, the Aerohive solution looks really interesting.

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