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Using Clearpass with EOL hardware.



I have a number of AP85's & 65's that are part of networks that we build in Haiti after the earthquake.

Some of that equipment is no longer required in the current location and I am looking at redeployment options.

As I saw a Clearpass presentation at a recent Airheads conference (and was very impressed by it) I am trying to determine if I could use Clearpass for any of the new networks.

It's not clear to me if this is compatible with these EOL AP's as well as the 800 & 2400 controllers that we use.

Has anyone got an informed opinion on this?


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Re: Using Clearpass with EOL hardware.

You certainly can.


Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: Using Clearpass with EOL hardware.

I agree with Colin.  As long as the controller supports RADIUS enforcement, you can use it with CPPM.

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Re: Using Clearpass with EOL hardware.

Hi, i'm having deployment with old devices also.


is it possible to do CoA with controller running ArubaOS 5?



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Re: Using Clearpass with EOL hardware.

[ Edited ]

i advise against jumping on threads that are 3 years old with a new question. just start a new thread with a clear description.


when i look at the ArubaOS 5.0 user guide i see the RFC 3576 server being mentioned so i assume it support CoA.


[edit] and some threads later (i always start with the oldest) you did start a new thread and solved your issue.

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