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White list for MAC addresses?

I am setting up a wireless network with Aruba 105 IAP's for the first time. If I only want certain devices to be able to connect to my network, is there a way to create a white list for those devices based on MAC address or some other factor? I feel like this should be simple, but I'm having a tough time figuring out what I have to do.

Re: White list for MAC addresses?



here is a small example -  how to to build a mac auth profile in InstantAP:


Create/Edit Network

  • · Basic: SSID, Usage: Employee, Client IP assignment: Network Assigned - Default
  • · Security: Open, Encryption: None, MAC Auth: Enabled, Auth Sever 1: InternalServer
  • · Access: Unrestricted


(At the top right corner of the Instant UI, click the Users link. The Users box appears user/password = mac/mac)

Create User

  • · Username: MAC address without colons/delimiter (for example, 28ef01e670ff)
  • · Password: the same (28ef01e670ff)
  • · Type: Employee

More info links:


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