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Wired NAC DHCP Profiling



I am setting up a Wired NAC solution (MAC Auth and 802.1X, eventually) on HPE LAN (Comware as L3 switches) and want to profile client devices before enforcing services. Could someone help with these two questions:


  •  In order to enable DHCP-relay for VLANs I want to profile, are these commands sufficient, or is something additional required:
    dhcp enable
    dhcp relay server-group ${GroupNumber} ip ${DHCPserverIPaddress}
    int vlan ${VLAN} 
    dhcp relay server-select ${GroupNumber} 
    dhcp select relay
  • Should profiled devices start popping up in Monitoring->Profiler and Discovery->Endpoint Profiler on CPPM straight away, or only after DHCP lease is renewed

Thanks in advance.



Kind regards,


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Re: Wired NAC DHCP Profiling

Yes, it's enough. 


We have on our network the same configuration. 



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Re: Wired NAC DHCP Profiling

Thanks, appreciated.




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