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clearpass insight reporting 6.6 filter nad error

I recently upgraded one of my CPPM to v6.6 and as release notes stated all the report templates were not migrated.


So i went to recreate our reports.  We have various filters on certain reports based on NAD IP.   When i try to recreate a report with NAD Ip filter i get error



  • 1. For filter "NAD IP": value/s do not exist

So i ran the report with option include raw data to get the csv file.  To my surprise i found that CSV was missing NAD IP's.  The service rules have not been changed and i was able to filter using NAD IP before v6.6 upgrade. 


Has anyone else experienced this and is there a workaround?


Aruba Employee

Re: clearpass insight reporting 6.6 filter nad error

Hi Aaron,


Are you seeing this issue only after upgrading the server to 6.6.x version. Correct me if i understand worng ,so NAD IP value is missing when you are tyring to filter the NAD IP?


Does all the NAD IP missing or few of them missing?



I would recommand to open TAC ticket for this issue. We need to manually update the NAD IPs in database tables to fix this issue. Only Aruba TAC have full access to the database.




If my post address your query, give kudos :)

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