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client roaming and ssid connection issue

hi,oadcast same

we have deployed  standalone controller in our network,

and we have created an ssid with do1x auth,

and all working good,

but when cleint roaming from an access point to another which broadcast same ssid on different vlan,

clinet act as new client , it is disconected and reconnect again


second issue when clinet connect to ssid, the connection keep disconnect and connect again from same ap!


third issue,

an access point broadcast 2 ssid , each one of them with different power,


help please :D

thank you 

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Re: client roaming and ssid connection issue

First issue: you'll need to setup IP mobility

Second issue: need more information.

Third issue: not all APs will have the same power levels. 


Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
@timcappalli | | ACMX #367 / ACCX #480
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Re: client roaming and ssid connection issue

am running 6.4 os on controller,

and when i enabled ip mobility ,i added controller ip and the subnetmask, and from vap profile i checked ip mobility,



second issue: when client connects to an ssid without move to another access point, the connection is connectd and reconnect again ,


third issue:

same access point broadcast 2 ssid on different powe, it shoud be same

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Re: client roaming and ssid connection issue



Is it a single Aruba controller that terminates the both the access points?  If so, you need to enable "VLAN" mobility on both Virtual APs so that devices will retain the same VLAN.


If it is a different controller, the instructions above should have worked.

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