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launch browser after connecting to the SSID

Dear all,
We have 2 SSID

Guest Wi-Fi

College Wi-Fi


Guest Wi-Fi - has captive portal, where users are prompted to enter the username/password handed by the college reception.


College Wi-Fi - All staff/students need to enter their Active Directory username/password to connect to this SSID.


When staff/student connect to the College Wi-Fi, Is there anyway to popup a browser with some information or something similar like Welcome page that pops up in guest captive portal ?


Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.



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Re: launch browser after connecting to the SSID

It is called a Welcome page:


If you haven't, please see:


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Re: launch browser after connecting to the SSID

Hi Colin,

Thank you for replying.

How do I set this up for the SSID which use no Captive Portal and use 802.1 authentication.

Users select the "College Wi-Fi" SSID then tap in their domain\username and password to connect.


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