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_login.php? and blank skin




Guest registration
Home>>Configuration>>Guest Self-registration


I have used a blank skin and added html code to provide background image for the guest self-registration page.


the footer has the default code

{if $gsr_metadata.nas_login.enabled}<p>
    Already have an account?  <a href="{$gsr_metadata.register_page|rawurlencode}_login.php?{$smarty.server.QUERY_STRING|rawurlencode}">Sign In</a>


which looks like it appends _login.php? to the self-registration page.


my question is how do I configure the _login.php? page to use same background image used on the self-registration page?


On the self-registration page



On the _login.php? page created after clicking Sign_in



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Re: _login.php? and blank skin

The skins should carry over to the login/register/self-service pages associated with the self-registration page.   I can't say I've tried with a blank skin, but have you tried to edit the login page section of the self-registration page (Guest Self-Registration --> Pick your page --> Edit --> Advanced Editor --> Scroll down to the Login Page section --> Choose UI Overrides --> Try to edit the footer per your code.

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Re: _login.php? and blank skin

Advance configuration did the trick.






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Re: _login.php? and blank skin

Keep in mind if you'd like to make a lot of changes to your look & feel and don't want to have to replicate them on multiple pages (_login.php vs _register.php for example), you should stick all of your GUI edits in the skin:

Admin > Plugin Manager > Custom Skin 1 > Edit/Config > Paste accordingly in the HEADER/FOOTER areas.


If all of your GUI edits are isolated in the skin, you can simply select "Custom Skin 1" on any of your pages instead of having to maintain identical edits on all pages individually.


Hope this helps!

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Re: _login.php? and blank skin

Thank you


Much easier



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