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sponsor_email attribute from AD account information

I have LDAP sponsor lookups working, but this customer does not store the users email address in AD (they use a 3rd party mail server, not exchange).
There is nothing in the “mail” attribute, and their email address doesn’t match the UPN.  Example:

Email address: (not stored anywhere in AD)

AD attributes:
UPN: jsmith@internaldom.local
Givenname: John
SN: Smith

My current attribute mapping looks like:
sponsor_name | displayName
sponsor_email | mail

Is there any way you can think of, to build an attribute mapping to manually combine givenname + . + sn +, and map it to sponsor_email?

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Re: sponsor_email attribute from AD account information

No, I don't think this is possible in this context.

The mail field is not exclusively for use with Exchange. Why can't they populate emails into AD? It's a basic PowerShell or Python script.

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
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