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Connecting Zodiac to HPE Network Protector

I'm trying to connect Zodiac FX to HPE VAN Network Protector application. On OpenFlow Monitor I can see my switch, but on the device status page of HPE Protector I don't see my switch. I already turn off "Hybrid" mode on the controller. 

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Re: Connecting Zodiac to HPE Network Protector

Hi osh818,

I don't think that the Network Protector application officially supports non-HPE Aruba switches like the Zodiac FX, even if they are compliant with the OpenFlow standard. Looking at the Support Matrix documentation, on page 28 it has Table 15 which lists the supported switch models for the Network Protector application:


A potential reason that you don't see the Zodiac FX switch in the Network Protector device list is that you'll need to configure SNMP so that the Network Protector application can discover/configure information on the switch. Do you have SNMP settings configured in a matching way on both Network Protector and the Zodiac FX switch? If you can get the device to show up, the Protector application may work in a non-optimal way (even without official support).



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Re: Connecting Zodiac to HPE Network Protector

Hi Shaun,

Thanks for the respond. I don't think I configured on both switch and protector, I didn't know I should have configured it on both sides. In SNMP settings I just put the controller username and password. I was also able to activate the protector and I can see it shows activated. I thought maybe there is a compatibility issue. 

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Re: Connecting Zodiac to HPE Network Protector

The base controller (VAN) informs Network Protector when a new datapath connects to the controller. When that occurs, Network Protector attempts to access the datapath IP address via SNMP to determine how/whether it will be able to inspect DNS packets. The SNMP settings that you configure on the switch should be the SNMP settings you've configured under the Administration -> SNMP screen in Network Protector.

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