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3 Reasons Cloud-Managed Networks are in Your Immediate Future

Ed Wright
New Contributor

You moved your office productivity and CRM apps to the cloud. You moved your human resources. You even moved your unified communications and collaboration tools. So why not gain the benefits of managing your network through the cloud, too?


School districts, retailers, and other many organizations need to provide always-on, secure Wi-Fi to users and guests. That can be especially challenging when you have many different school campuses, retail locations or branch offices to manage, especially with a small IT staff.


With cloud-managed networking, managing and monitoring your wireless access points and switches from anywhere gives you the flexibility to make changes, resolve issues and keep users happy, from anywhere.


With cloud-managed networking, you:


  1. Pay for what you use. Costs grow predictably with usage. You can simply add or remove capacity, as your organizational needs change. You don’t get forced into buying more licensing than you really need. And as with all cloud services, you can shift the costs to your OpEx budget, rather than CapEx. This allows you take the money that would have been spent up front and use for it something that needs immediate attention.


  1. Simplify the network deployment—and stay up-to-date with less effort. You don’t need to be a certified network expert to order, deploy and manage a network from the cloud. Zero-touch provisioning makes it easy—even when you have dozens of sites to manage. Intuitive dashboards and reporting make it easy to monitor the entire network for client health, optimize application performance and troubleshoot, from anywhere.


Better yet, your IT team won’t have to work nights or weekends to perform upgrades and patches.  Your provider keeps the system secure and current with the latest capabilities. The fact that every feature of a solution sits in the cloud makes it easy to try advanced capabilities like customer engagement analytics without investing huge amounts of resources and know-how.


  1. Don’t worry about availability. Your network is always working—which is particularly important if you manage the network remotely. You can count on always-on reliability and global availability because your provider has invested in robust, enterprise-grade infrastructure, redundancy features and built-in security capabilities to ensure your management connectivity is always available and secure.



It’s Time to Shift to the Cloud


With Aruba Central we provide a cloud-managed networking solution that’s easy to use and leverages industry leading wired and wireless infrastructure. And, deployment, management and monitoring of your Aruba Instant access points and Aruba switches leverage intuitive multi-site management, while eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional on-premise solutions.


Your users will have a robust wired infrastructure that works seamlessly with fast, and reliable Wi-Fi. And to ensure that users also include visitors, contractors and partners, we’ve even made it simple to offer guest Wi-Fi access that’s secure and easily customized for your organization’s needs.


You can even foresee connectivity issues before they impact users. If users are having trouble connecting to the network, Aruba Clarity continuously analyzes the entire client connection process to help you understand the root cause of connectivity issues so you can skip the tedious triage process and get right to remediation.


For retailers, Aruba Central’s analytics dashboard helps understand and improve visitor engagement and ultimately make a data-driven display, merchandising and staffing decisions.  Ultimately, you can harness the power of Wi-Fi presence analytics to further improve the user experience, and boost revenue and productivity.


Organizations are shifting to cloud services for the agility and convenience they bring. With Aruba Central, you get an enterprise-grade solution where users benefit, while freeing up your IT team to work on strategic projects that will drive your organization forward.


Watch this video to see how you can get your network up and running in minutes with Aruba Central.


Already convinced? Test drive Aruba Central for 90 days.

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