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Accelerate Network Performance and Lower Costs with HPE 25/100GbE

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

At HPE Discover in Las Vegas 2016 – our HPE server and networking teams joined forces to announce a raft of new 25/100GbE data center networking solutions designed to help organizations unleash a higher performing data center networking fabric.

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View our 25/100GbE Infographic to see if these solutions are a fit for you!


25GbE is a new standard the leverages technology defined for 100 Gigabit Ethernet implemented as four 25-Gbit/s lanes (IEEE 802.3bj) running on four fiber or copper pairs. 

 25-100G 101.png


These solutions span HPE servers, network adapters, transceivers, cables and Ethernet switches – and are designed and tested to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive 25/100GbE networking ecosystem enabling end to end 25GbE server connectivity across a 100GbE data center network fabric.


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  • New HPE 25GbE Network Adapters (for use in HPE ProLiant DL and Apollo Servers)
  • New HPE 25G Transceivers & Cables (SFP, QSFP, DAC)
  • New HPE FlexFabric 5950 fixed port multi-rate 10/25/40/50/100GbE 32 x QSFP28 Ethernet switch
  • New HPE FlexFabric 12900E HB modules, 36x100GbE module tripling our 100G density

HPE makes upgrading to 25/100GbE a “no-brainer” for customers - in that we can help boost their server/application performance while also delivering compelling data center economics (less complexity, server/switch ports, cables, and power).


For example migrating from 10GbE to HPE 25GbE provides; 

  • 56% increased performance at 27% TCO savings
  • 38% lower cabling complexity and 31% power savings
  • 40% more simultaneous HD 1080p videos using 25GbE cards

25 Value.png

Lead customers who would immediately benefit from 25/100GbE include;

  • Cloud, Telco and Service Providers experiencing 10/40Gbps saturation
  • Financial and e-Commerce sites demanding increased performance
  • Enterprise moving into the next major Ethernet speed upgrade cycle

Some additional 25/100GbE use cases include; data centers using multicore / socket servers with 20+ VMs; IP based and/or all flash storage, RDMA/RoCE and HPC ultra-low-latency clusters, Network Functions Virtualization (DPDK) needing packet-processing at line-rate – should also consider 25/100GbE.


To learn more about these exciting new HPE 25/100GBE solution checkout the 25/100GbE video and visit the links below:


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