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All Wireless Workplace series: Is the traditional office marching towards extinction?


It is happening faster than we think and about a thousand IT professionals across the globe just validated it in our follow-up #GenMobile survey last month.


The days of private offices and cubicles are quickly becoming a minority for #GenMobile with AWW.jpgmore than half (~52%) of the survey respondents reported not having private offices or private cubicles. Additionally when asked how the number of employees changed in the past year, more than half (~51%) reported an increase of 25% or more working from home, hotels, and other Wi-Fi enabled areas.


We see a new model of work emerging with a flexible work culture and the nine to five workday becoming an exception. The research indicates that about 70% of IT professionals feel pressure to deliver improvements in mobile working and enable a flexible All Wireless Workplace. This pressure is not only coming from #GenMobile employees but also from C-level executives as reported by a similar number (~77%) of IT professionals.



The chart below highlights how IT investments for mobility technologies have changed over the past year. A staggering 71% have seen an increase in Wi-Fi investments this year, a number that will continue to grow for a while.




We believe that the notion of a place of work will still be around; however the “office” as we know it will cease to exist. So what will this office of the future, the All Wireless Workplace, look like? Check out this new report from The Future Laboratory and let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. We will continue this discussion in my next blog and also look at considerations for IT departments as you get ready to embrace #GenMobile.




About the Author:

Keyur Shah is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Aruba Networks and has responsibility for developing Aruba’s go-to-market strategy for enterprise solutions. Keyur brings more than 14 years of experience to developing, delivering and marketing enterprise-class networking solutions. Prior to Aruba, Keyur held senior-level product management, product marketing and customer engineering positions with Meru Networks, Symbol Technologies and Cisco. Keyur has a MS in computer networking from USC and BE in telecommunications from the University of Bombay. In his spare time, Keyur enjoys playing with his son, running and watching thrilers.


New flexible working laws are now in force in the UK, indicating the increasing need for businesses to acknowledge, and cater to the growing demand from #GenMobile employees for more flexible working arrangements.


According to the deputy prime minister Nick Clegg ‘Modern businesses know flexible working boosts productivity and staff morale, and helps them keep their top talent so that they can grow."

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