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Apple iOS 8...the biggest iOS release your Wi-Fi network ready for it?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Today, Wednesday September 17th 2014, is the release date of, as Apple claims, "iOS 8, the biggest iOS release ever". If last year's smaller iOS 7 update is any indication of what is to come then it is going to be a challenging time where access networks could be overwhelmed and business apps could come to a grinding halt.


Does your Wi-Fi network have the intelligence and is it ready to handle the danger from the onslaught of employees updating their iDevices?




With Aruba's 7000 Series and 7200 Series Controllers running ArubaOS 6.4.0 or later, you are armed with the tools to manage the onslaught of bandwidth demands on your network.


ArubaOS 6.4.0 includes a next generation mobility firewall with AppRF technology that can perform deep packet inspection (DPI) for over 1500 applications in order to recognize this traffic (ios-ota-update) and allow you to throttle, or bandwidth limit, these updates so they don't consume all of your bandwidth. 


Wondering how to configure this on your Aruba WLAN? Check out this short article from one of our Aruba Airheads Community MVP Gurus, Tim Cappalli (@tcappy0707), who detailed the steps to configure the throttling (or blocking).

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