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Aruba Instant Takes the Sting Out of Outdoor Wi-Fi Deployments

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Outdoor wireless seems simple in theory, but the reality is complicated. But with the new Aruba Instant mode, it’s never been easier for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) to deliver a great Wi-Fi experience outdoors—whether that’s in campus quads, courtyards, walkways, restaurant patios, service bays, pools or other outdoor spots.


People expect Wi-Fi connectivity anywhere and that includes the outdoors. If you are looking to extend Wi-Fi connectivity across your entire campus, the Aruba 360 Series Wave 2 access points (APs) are a cost-effective, high-performance outdoor Wi-Fi solution. Easy for smaller organizations to deploy and manage, these ruggedized APs are designed to withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions and are completely waterproof and dustproof.



Easy setup and management


With Aruba, deploying and configuring your outdoor Wi-Fi network is easy. No need to install a dozen components; you simply select the AP model and the mounting bracket. The Aruba 360 Unified APs can be deployed in Instant or controller-managed mode. Using Instant’s zero-touch, self-provisioning capabilities, a single “master” AP communicates configurations to all other similar APs on the network.


The Instant-based solution simplifies and streamlines wireless networking while reducing deployment and management costs. And if your WLAN network requirements change, Aruba Instant allows you to easily migrate to a WLAN that is centrally managed by a Mobility Controller, providing full investment protection.


Cost-effective and reliable outdoor Wi-Fi


With aggregate data rates of up to 1.27 Gbps and MU-MIMO support, the Aruba 360 APs deliver the throughput necessary to support a growing mix of mobile devices and applications.


Integrated Aruba ClientMatch™ technology optimizes client roaming across the campus and enhances Wave 2 WLAN performance. The enhanced ClientMatch technology enables the 360 Series to automatically detect, classify and group 802.11ac Wave 2-capable mobile devices under a single Wave 2 radio, increasing network capacity and efficiency.


Make the most of the 360 Series mesh capability to cost-effectively extend Wi-Fi access in areas where it’s not practical to roll out Ethernet cables. Or use point-to-point or backhaul mesh Wi-Fi links to interconnect buildings, while simultaneously providing secure Wi-Fi access to your users.


Built-in security


With a built-in firewall and integrated wireless intrusion detection and prevention (WIPS), the Aruba 360 Series provides role-based access and 24/7 protection from all types of wireless threats to satisfy PCI compliance for restaurants, hotels or other industries taking payment cards.


Customizable web content filtering further protects the network from online threats and malicious websites.


An enhanced guest experience


Like all Aruba Wave 2 access points, the outdoor 360 Series APs offer an integrated Bluetooth Aruba Beacon for proximity-based push notifications and advanced location-based services for BLE-enabled mobile devices. This enables you to create applications to deliver personalized offers to enhance the guest experience.


Outdoor Wi-Fi gets Lexus drivers back on the road faster


Focusing on upscale customers, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity was a top priority for Eskeridge Lexus in Oklahoma City. In addition to brisk sales traffic, the dealership services over 27,000 vehicles annually and technicians rely on wireless access to perform their work efficiently and effectively. Any delays impact customer service; however, the existing Eskeridge wireless network was unable to handle the increased load.





To modernize its network, Eskeridge needed an easy-to-deploy Wi-Fi solution that included both high-performance indoor APs and rugged APs for its service bays that would withstand conditions similar to the outdoors.


Aruba Instant provided Eskeridge with a simple and powerful Wi-Fi solution that streamlined implementation while reducing administration and build-out costs. Most importantly, sales and service staff now can access the resources they need to close a deal or get a customer’s vehicle ready on time, delighting customers and employees alike.


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