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“Best Practice vs. Situation Y"

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Many times, users on the Airheads Community ask,  “What is the Best Practice for X”.  The response to the question is normally generic and it probably applies to most situations where there is X.  For some situations, however, using the "Best Practice" for X, does not work or would be disastrous for situation Y.  Situation Y could be in the minority and the person who is answering the question in his defense probably has never encountered situation Y, is why he is suggesting the Best Practice in the first place.


As users on this forum, feel free to NOT just accept answers to questions, but ask, "Will Best Practice for X work in Situation Y"…  You will be happy you did.


For example:


Probably the most asked questions about wireless is how roaming can be improved.  One tried-and-true method, removing the lower data rates improves roaming for most clients, but some versions of Motorola Windows CE devices and other other older wireless clients will refuse to connect when the lower data rates are removed.  A method that improves roaming for one set of clients, could keep an entire business from admitting customers”.  Best Practice + Site Specific information = true strategy”.

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