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ClearPass Tech Notes: Getting Started

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

The biggest problem when starting out with a ClearPass installation is simply where to start. In order to overcome this obstacle, I have written several documents to help you get started. These documents assume you have a basic understanding of Aruba Wireless and Cisco Wired (for the Cisco Switch Setup Tech Note). Don't let the versatility of our ClearPass solution scare you. Take a look at these Tech Notes, and give it a try. Start with the Aruba Wireless and ClearPass 6 Integration Guide. Then, if you have a spare controller, move on to the AirGroup Configuration with ClearPass Tech Note. 


TechNote v1.3 - Aruba Wireless and ClearPass 6 Integration Guide


TechNote v1.3 - AirGroup Configuration with ClearPass 6.0.1


TechNote v1.2 - Cisco Switch Setup with ClearPass Policy Manager



Zack awsome job! i wish i could give you more kudos for this hahhahaa


Keep these kind of documents comming!

Also the integration with Other brands! i mean for example that one you put with cisco... how about another one but with cisco wireless lan controller??


It would be cool also if rgin made some of Airwaves!!! :P


This is so amazing, you have no clue. Great way to get my feet wet with Clearpass....Thanks Zack.


It is much appreciated


I agree NightShade!! Rob can you hear us :)

Aruba Employee

Thanks for the comments! Right now I am working on an Onboarding document, similar to the other ones I created.


I appreciate the suggestions for new HowTos. Keem them coming. I'll let rgin know about the Airwave Request!


*ears tingling* I hear things... I'll consider doing some additional things beyond the irregular AMP-Tips when the time allows.

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Would love to see a similar integration document created for the Juniper EX series switches (e.g. EX2200).


Many thanks!



New Contributor
Zach, This is absolutely outstanding, thank you so much for posting these!!
New Contributor

You document: TechNote v1.3 - Aruba Wireless and ClearPass 6 Integration Guide was a great help to me in setting up our Guest network.  I am not working on setting up Onboarding.  How is the Onboarding document going?  If you need a 2nd set of eyes to go through it and try it, please let me know.  I am having a heck of a time getting Onboarding to work.  Thanks again for the great articles.

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In the Aruba integration article, you state to change the login page within the captive portal authentication profile to "http://[ip_address]/guest/guest_register_login.php" . For a ClearPass deployment with a single publisher with multiple subscribers behind a load balancer, what IP is used for the login-page variable? 


- Ryan -

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Please, please, please!!!   Let me print these!!  Some that are PDF I can print, but others won't print!

Retired Employee alc
Retired Employee

For files hosted by SlideShare, you can click on the "SlideShare" icon on the lower left hand corner of the screen to go the SlideShare page and download:



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