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Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Data center networks are under pressure. Expectations are far too great as our life at work, the business processes we are part of, and the information exchange we rely on depends on digital technologies more than ever.


We believe that, as the information that your business relies on moves to digital, your data center network must stay strong and offer the highest level of reliability. In fact, HPE believes that cloud-first networks need to have the following five tenants to satisfy today’s data center requirements.



At HPE Discover 2016 this week in Las Vegas, we are delivering several new product innovations that enhance our Cloud-First architectural vision in including:




1 - HPE Distributed Cloud Networking support for Docker containers - while some may argue that containers are something that only application developers need to worry about, the truth is that deploying them in production requires a networking infrastructure that can successfully connect container-based applications.


To take full advantage of containers, the networking environment must be optimized to connect container-based applications. HPE Distributed Cloud Networking overcomes manually IT provisioning by seamlessly automating physical and virtual multitenant network infrastructure provisioning with application and cloud orchestration.




Learn more at - How containers are changing the cloud and application landscape

HPE Distributed Cloud Networking overcomes manually IT provisioning by seamlessly automating physical and virtual multitenant network infrastructure provisioning with application and cloud orchestration.

Our HPE DCN Docker networking plug-in enables enterprise customers to accelerate application deployments.


2 - HPE Intelligent Management Center (IMC) integration with HPE OneView 3.0

Emerging composable data center management will be enabled by HPE OneView—an integrated, converged management platform. HPE OneView brings the software-defined data center together with the intelligence and automation required to span compute, storage and networking resources.


HPE Intelligent Management Center and OneView integration connect the server and network operations domains, allowing for an integrated, automated approach to data center infrastructure management allowing infrastructure to respond as a whole to the operator’s desires, resulting in quicker changes and faster time-to-value.




With IMC and OneView, customers get end-to-end network visibility, single pane-of-glass management and seamless integration with OneView as they transition to composable infrastructure.


3 – New HPE 25/100GbE data center networking solutions designed to help organizations simplify the deployment of a higher performing data center networking fabric.


These solutions span across HPE servers, network adapters, transceivers, cables and Ethernet switches – and are designed and tested to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive 25/100GbE networking ecosystem enabling end to end 25GbE server connectivity across a 100GbE data center network fabric.




HPE makes upgrading to 25/100GbE a “no-brainer” for customers - in that we can help boost their server/application performance by up to 56% while also delivering compelling data center economics (less complexity, server/switch ports, cables and power) – lower their TCO by at 27%

Additional detail on our HPE 25/100GbE solution can be found here.


Why HPE Cloud First Networks?


With the rapid pace of new applications and services delivery, businesses need to allocate and provision data center resources and capacity without limitations. When paired with the right virtual and physical networking fabric solution and software-defined automation tools – data center operations can evolve to extreme levels of agility and cost savings for any size environment with less hassle through infrastructure simplicity – this is what our HPE Cloud First networking endeavors to deliver.



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