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Get HTTPS ready for ClearPass Onboard!

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Learn how to setup HTTPS when configuring Onboard to pull credentials from an Active Directory. Video touches on using an HTTPS connection between Onboard and the Policy Manager.


This is a good thing to know when setting up "Core" Onboard functionality.




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Aruba Employee

Can you post the SQL command that you used in this video?

Aruba Employee

Hi Schoate,


Here you go.


select username AS User_Password from useraccount LEFT JOIN userextra uxmac ON ( AND uxmac.attribute='mac') LEFT JOIN userextra uxmac_auth ON ( AND uxmac_auth.attribute='mac_auth') WHERE uxmac_auth.value='1' AND username ilike '%{Connection:Client-Mac-Address-NoDelim}';

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am i missing something here? the title is about onboard and https, while the content as explained at the start is about using clearpass guest database as authentication source.

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