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Introducing two new members to the Mobility Access Switch family!


Hi Airheads!


As our software development team churns out great new features like Site to Site VPN, Network Address Translation, Rogue AP Enforcement with Instant and ClearPass downloadable roles, don't think our hardware development team just sits idle. After talking with you, our customers and partners, we realized it was time to grow our family a little...


So, without further ado, it is my great pleasure to introduce the S1500 Mobility Access Switch product line!








The S1500 product line consists of two models, the S1500-24P and S1500-48P providing 24 or 48-ports of 10/100/1000BASE-T with an integrated 4-port 1000BASE-x SFP uplink module.


We live in a power hungry world don't we? So the 24P/48P come standard with support for 802.3af (PoE), 802.3at (PoE+) and pre-standard PoE with a 400w budget. Additionally, these S1500 models run the same AOS binary ( minimum) as the existing S2500 and S3500, meaning you get the same feature set across all the products in the Mobility Access Switch portfolio at a 1/3 of the price of equivalent competitive platforms!


Learn more about the S1500 Mobility Access Switch


Hello Madjali

When those switches will be starting to get shipped? can you order them now for any reagion? or its avaiable just for a few regions right now?



Contributor II

What's the real difference between this new one S1500 them S3500?


Hi Carlos,

The S1500s will start shipping in July. They will be available in a few regions initially and then expand out. Are there particular ones you have in mind, I can find out the estimated availability dates.


Best regards,




Hi Pcraponi,

The S1500s are closer to the S2500s as opposed to the S3500s from a hardware perspective. The S3500s have field replaceable parts like a fan tray, an uplink module, power supplies and an expandable PoE budget from 400w to 1,440w while the S1500/S2500s have integrated components and a fixed PoE budget of 400w.


We have a new matrix which lists the difference between the three product lines posted here:


Mobility Access Switch Product Line Matrix


Best regards,




My region is LATAM

My country manager told me that it will be starting to be shipping in september....



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