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My Networking Portal - License transfer (Asset Management)

Dave Gough
New Member

Transfer Assets Overview

Moving registered licenses and/or products from one company to another is called Asset Transfer.

Common use cases would include a reseller registering licenses for a customer and transferring the assets to the end user company, or consolidating customer inventory to one company.

Asset transfer uses a request to transfer and acceptance process. Only people with an Administrator role can initiate or accept a transfer invitation.

The offer to transfer assets will expire after 15 days. Only one outstanding transfer offer per company is allowed. If you need to transfer more assets, remind the administrator receiving the assets to complete the process.


How to transfer assets

Initiating the asset transfer

Log in to MyNetworking portal and select Transfer Assets from the home page.

The steps you will follow are shown at the top of the screen:

  1. Select licenses
  2. Select products
  3. Select destination company
  4. Confirmation

Step 1 is to search for the licenses you wish to transfer. Use the filters to narrow the selection or you can search by Sales Order, Registration ID, Certificate ID or various registration details such as serial number, subscription ID, MAC address, etc.

If you intend to transfer all registered licenses, check the box located to the left of the Product # column, this will select all registered licenses.

This example demonstrates the use of filters to locate all active licenses for a specific serial number.

All licenses associated with a serial number/MAC address/etc. must be transferred as a group. MNP will automatically select all associated licenses.

Click Next to proceed to Step 2.


Step 2 is to select any registered products to be transferred. Products that are associated with the registered licenses may be pre-selected or you can search by serial number.  Check the products to be transferred and click the Next button.


Step 3 is to select the destination company. Your current account information will be displayed in the Transfer From section and the licenses and products you have chosen to be transferred are listed.

Enter the email address on an administrator at the company that will receive the licenses/products and click Search.


If the administrator is associated with multiple companies, you must select the appropriate company and click Select.


Confirm your selection is correct and click Finish



In step 4, a confirmation code is generated.  You must provide this confirmation code to the receiving administrator. They will need it to accept (or reject) the offer to transfer assets.  You can copy the confirmation code from the screen in MNP or refer to the email that was sent from MNP.





Accepting/rejecting the asset transfer offer

When an asset transfer to your company is initiated, you will receive an email notifying you of the request.


To accept the offer to transfer licenses/products to your company you will need the Confirmation code from the company administrator who initiated the transfer. Their email address is referenced in the asset transfer request email.

Log in to MNP. If you are associated with multiple companies, select the company mentioned in the transfer request. A window will open notifying you of the transfer offer.  You make choose to accept or reject the offer or postpone taking action for 15 days.  After 15 days the offer will expire.

To accept (or reject) the offer, enter the confirmation code, select the appropriate action and click Next.



The next screen shows the assets to be transferred and you may select Finish to complete the transfer or Reject Transfer Request.


A success page with complete the process and you can view the licenses in the View Licenses screen.



View licenses:


NOTE: If you are transferring assets to a company where you are an administrator, the assets will transfer without the confirmation code/acceptance steps.



New Member

This process seems extraordinarily odious & cumbersome, and there is no provision made for the RECEIVER of assets (like the ones I recently purchased from a school district auctioning-off obsolete IT equipment, including several Aruba mobility controllers, APs, IAPs, RAPs etc) to initiate a "transefer of assets" request, nor is there any provision made anywhere in the Aruba/HPE online process for requesting licenses so this equipment may be operated (though most were sold with "lifetime" software guarantees, the capability to download these become worthless if the RECEIVER is not able to get licensing). So, how may I "license" my recently acquired Aruba Mobility products (like my 650-US and 651-US controllers) as new masters? The school district that auctioned-off this equipment does not have (or could not find) the original "order no." or "certificate no." and the school's IT folks evince no knowlege (nor do they possess the time/personnel to devote to the arduous "asset transfer" process you have setup, even if they did know how). So, should I just go on every website and warn folks NEVER to buy used/obsolete equipment, or will you provide some facility to license these obsolete products that are not acquired directly from you or a reseller? Shame on you, if you won't!!!

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