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New Mobile First solutions at EDUCAUSE

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

What do 4,000+ colleagues, 275+ exhibitors, and Aruba have in common with Mickey Mouse?  That’s right!  We will all be in Anaheim next week for the annual EDUCAUSE conference!  Ok, Mickey probably won’t be there, but you can guarantee the best of the best in higher education IT will be at EDUCAUSE discovering and sharing solutions to address challenges on the Higher Education campus.  


This year’s conference has sessions for a wide variety of individuals including sessions specifically for CIOs and a new seminar targeted at Senior Directors or aspiring Senior Directors.  There will be tracks focused on innovative teaching and learning, on managing risk in an age of increased BYOD and IoT, on cloud-based network management, and on enabling data-driven decision making.  I am excited about the information that will be shared and the learning to be had and am proud to work for a company that is addressing these types of challenges and topics with innovative solutions.     


I hope you will take some time to visit with us at booth #628 to see our new solutions in action!  Our experts will discuss and demonstrate our technologies that ensure students and faculty have superior always-connected experiences.  Have you ever had students or faculty complain about connections dropping?  Have they complained about not being able to get on the network in a crowded area?  Are there occasions when a group wants or needs their own network?  How many IoT devices have connected to the network that you were unaware of pre-deployment?  Are you being asked to provide data to help drive decision-making?  The good news is that we have been paying attention to these challenges and we can’t wait to discuss and talk with you about solutions!  If you come and visit with us, you will learn about the following:


  • Seamless Roaming with hitless controller failover
  • Quality Experiences in Dense Environments with AirMatch analyzing and automatically optimizing the network
  • Support different “networks” using the same AP Infrastructure with multi-tenancy supported with MultiZone
  • Securing IoT devices pre-authentication with ClearPass OnConnect
  • Deeper and predictive network insights using AirWave and Aruba Clarity

educause blog.pngOur core is “Customer first, customer last.”  We hope you not only stop by to learn a few new things, but we want your insights and issues too!  It challenges us to keep innovating and bringing you solutions that matter.


We will see you in Anaheim next week!       


For more information, check out Aruba's Higher Education solution

New Contributor

Nice great info , I am looking forward to attented the area reserch for me will be content tranfer on Wifi, how the newly developed equiment will imporve the speed and security of content 

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