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Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

While my team is constantly working to turn out new VRDs, some topics are easier to deliver in a more focused application note. To that end I’ve been working with members of our technical marketing team to turn out a series of app notes focused on guest access, DHCP fingerprinting, and voice access with our remote access point (RAP) products.


Cameron Esdaile has been hard at work turning out Amigpod app notes, including integrating with Aruba Mobility Controllers and bypassing iOS Captive Network Assistant screens. The AOS integration guide covers the basics of setting up an Amigopod system work with AOS, and will form the basis for the MDAC document we’ll be releasing shortly. It is available at, and the config file for this setup is available at Cameron’s paper on iOS CNA is available at


Sathya Gopal from the VRD team has published the other approach to guest access, using the tools built in to the mobility controller for small-scale guest deployments. This covers configuration and guest provisioning. This doc is available at


Shashi Sastry has completed work on deploying voice over an Aruba RAP for fixed telecommuters, and includes coverage of QoS support on the RAP. This guide can be found at


Rajiv Iyer and myself worked on the DHCP fingerprinting guide, the first step in our BYOD solution for Mobility Controller role changed based on device type. Cam’s guide will follow up this guide in the near future covering our MDAC solution, which leverages DHCP fingerprinting. You can find this guide at


As always, these guide build on the work done in the VRDs as the base designs. You can find these guides at




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