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New "How-To" Videos from the Aruba 3D Outdoor Planner


To inaugurate our new video series,The 10 Minute Outdoor Network Engineer, we’ve recorded two videos on how to use Aruba’s patented 3D Outdoor RF Planner.  The planner is one of the most useful free tools that Aruba provides, and we’re often asked for pointers on how to get started.

I’ve recorded two different videos that take you step-by-step through the process:


Video #1: Planning RF coverage for a multi-building campus with the Aruba 3D Outdoor RF Planner



Video #2: Planning a simple point-to-point link with the Aruba 3D Outdoor RF Planner


What is the Aruba 3D Outdoor RF Planner?

It’s a free tool that you can use to create three-dimensional models of antenna coverage patterns and mesh links.  
Some examples appear in the images at the end of this blog.  Customers love the output of the 3D Planner because RF can be difficult to understand and visualize.  The 3D Planner really helps customers to “see” the coverage they will get from their investment.


We’re looking for suggestions for other videos that would be impactful for engineers who are planning or deploying outdoor Aruba networks.  Please submit your requests as a comment on this blog. 


3D model examples:

Sparse Side.png


City 3D view.png

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