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Onion Approach to WiFi Troubleshooting Basics - Even Bad WiFi Works

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I had a great conversation with a group of peers on the topic of bad WiFi. Bad WiFi comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. In fact, friend @HeyEddie has a collection of BADFI here: 


As a wireless engineer you shake your head when you see installs that have a complete disregard for proper installation and design. Like many things in networking, if you aren’t part of the design and install many things are unknown such as budget, time constraints, politics, the list goes on. Perhaps it was deigned this way with intentions of revisit and correct. If the network is working then why revisit it? 



Because an AP isn’t installed horizontally off a ceiling tile, rather installed vertically against a wall, doesn’t mean it won’t work. 


Because an AP is surround by a cage to protect it, doesn’t mean it won’t work. 


Because an AP is tucked under a desk, doesn’t mean it won’t work. 


Because an AP ……(You fill in the blank).


My point is bad WiFi works. Many times it works so good that people choose not to correct it. Only when problems occur you scratch your head and wonder… Is it the bad install?


Many times bad WiFi works until more demanding applications or user volumes increase. The bad WiFi starts to show its colors. 


If you’re new to WiFi and aren’t sure what bad WiFi is or want to avoid bad WiFi pitfalls, a simple thing you can do is read the vendor best practices for the product you are installing. 



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